Who We Are

Olgam Life is a plasma donation service offering state-of-the-art treatment of donors while providing life-saving resources for the medical industry. Our commitment to the highest standards is absolute, from the time the client walks in the door to the moment the plasma leaves our facility. Our dedication to donor comfort and product safety at every stage in the plasma extraction, testing, storage, and shipping process puts us at the forefront of an industry whose importance in today’s world can’t be understated. Unlike many other plasma donation services, Olgam Life focuses solely on the aggregation aspect of the donation process, enabling us to focus more closely on the care our donors receive.

What Makes Us Different

Other plasma donation services are primarily subsidiaries of major biotech companies with no connection to their source communities. Olgam Life is committed to our donors, offering an essential service that provides benefits to community members locally, while distributing this valuable resource to those who need it most. Olgam’s community-based approach enables us to meet the needs of the donors we see every day on a personal level. In the end, we’re beholden to our donors, not the bottom line of some large biotech corporation.

No appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome!